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As a health or social care professional it’s crucial to choose the correct setting for your service user. Goldcrest House has an outstanding reputation for providing transformational care and a completely fulfilling life for it’s service users.

There have been many instances where service users have been referred to us from other homes where their behaviour has proved to be too challenging. Over time they have then gone on to demonstrate radical transformations with us which their families and social workers have found quite remarkable. Why not give us a call to discuss how we can help your service user?

We have tried to give an accurate flavour of the exceptional quality of life that your service users will enjoy at Goldcrest House, especially with postings on our blog and our Facebook community. However, the only true way to see what life here is really like is to visit. You’re welcome to come anytime, though we do recommend calling us first to ensure a placement is available as Goldcrest House is very popular.

We have also included links below to information that you may require about the home:

General Information About Goldcerst House
Placement Costing
Break Down of Placement Costing
Mission Statement
Service Users Guide

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