Families & Friends

Families & Friends of Goldcrest House

Your Most Difficult Decision

There comes a time in every parents life when they realise that it’s time for their children to leave the nest and make their own way in the world. As the parent or guardian of a child with Autism or learning disabilities this can be an incredibly difficult time. You want your child to live as normal a life as possible and enjoy the things we take for granted.

At the same time you have the added weight of knowing that it’s your responsibility to see that they get this. Add to that feelings of guilt that you will no longer directly be caring for them and the sense of loss that every parent feels when their child leaves home and it can be overwhelming.

Here’s How We Can Help

At Goldcrest House we have a dedicated staff whose vocation is to provide the best possible care for our residents and to help them lead a normal life. They will give your loved one true compassion, endless patience and have a deep understanding of their needs.

The Manager of the home, Ralph Parish is a much respected author and lecturer on the subject of Autism and he is ably assisted by Keith Howie our specialist educational psychologist and Eileen Smale our activities co-ordinator. Along with the rest of the team they provide an atmosphere of caring, love and support for your loved one to flourish.

With strong ties to the local community and college your loved one will be able to integrate into society and enjoy being a part of it. They’ll also experience the many activities that are provided like music and cooking and use the exceptional facilities which include a games room and gym. They will also get to take wonderful holidays at our holiday home by the sea.

What To Do Now

If you’d like to give your loved one the most fulfilling and best supported life available please get in touch with us either directly or through the healthcare professional you are working with. We’ll have a confidential chat about your requirements and how best Goldcrest can meet them. You can call us on 01405 763607 or click here to email us. We’d love to hear from you and you’re very welcome to pop in to the home anytime to have a tour and a cup of coffee with us.

P.S. Please note Goldcrest is a very popular home and places are much sought after. To avoid a wasted journey we recommend calling to check that a place is available before visiting.