Placement Costing

Goldcrest House is a period 16 bed home on the main road leading into Goole within walking distance to the hustle and bustle of Goole town centre amenities including excellent transport links via a rail and bus services. Goole College is next door to the home.

Individual costing packages for the period April 1st 2017 until March 31st 2018 range from between £1500 to £3500 per week.

Placement costs are calculated as a specialised package so that the company is able to provide an individually tailored service. These individualised costs take account of the following:

The Impact of Autism

The level of learning difficulty, in particular the level of functional skills in key areas of an individual’s daily life, supporting the individuals behaviours, in particular behaviour that challenge the service support needed, and supporting behaviours following from medical problems or sensory impairments. 

General Costs (Covered within the base fee)

This element is fixed for each placement and covers the cost of providing the essential infrastructure, the accommodation, and the cost of meals and cleaning.

Staff salaries and wages
Within this base cost is a calculation of staff salaries or wages per 24 hour period. To enable costings from April 2017 this is calculated at an average hourly rate of £15.00 per hour.

Fit and proper staff
Within the base costs to ensure Service Users are supported by staff who meet CQC Fundamental Standards.

9-5 Leisure, Activities and Learning Costs
Within this base cost is a figure to cover the cost of a Programme Facilitator who is responsible for the home’s recreation, leisure and education for each service user. This will be person centred and take into account each service user’s personal ability.

General Building and Maintenance Costs

  • Building costs
  • Security systems and maintenance
  • Gas/ Electric/Water
  • Painting/Decorating
  • Refuse collection
  • Rates
  • Repairs & Renewals

Cleaning and Laundry services

  • Cleaning equipment and materials (in house)
  • Repairs & Renewals
  • Consumables

Food and Drink

  • Breakfast, lunch, Dinner and supper
  • Snacks and special functions e.g. BBQ and Parties. Alternative meals at restaurants and takeaways will be paid for by the home only when it is an alternative to a main meal and not as an addition.

Insurance and liability

  • House, contents, staffing and minibus insurance
  • Repairs due to breakages not covered by the Insurance. Not included is insurance for personal belongings or personal injury

Management, legal and accountancy costs

  • Management of home
  • Accountancy and administration costs
  • Solicitors’ fees


  • National Care Standards
  • National Autistic Society Accreditation


  • Stationary
  • Telephone and broadband facilities
  • Home improvements and service development
  • Contingency and crises management
  • Company operating profit.