Breakdown of Costing

1: Maintenance

This is an individually assessed element of the placement to reflect damage.  Such damage can result from patterns of repetitive behaviour, such as dismantling equipment or stripping off wall paper or through more explosive behaviours, such as throwing equipment or smashing windows.

  • Repair of damage to doors, windows, fixtures
  • Repair of damaged wallpaper, painted surfaces and furnishing
  • General ware and tare of furniture, beds and bedding and accessories.

2: Access

This is another individually assessed area that covers the cost of work and educational placements, access to the community and outings and holidays.  It takes account of the cost of extra staff support, whether such outings need to be exclusively for the individual or can be one of a group and the costs of transport.

Recreation and Holidays

  • Day trips (admission or cost of day package) Specialist events such as concert tickets or shows are not included.
  • Seasonal booking events e.g. Christmas.

Minibus and Transport

  • Access to company vehicles, including capital and current costs, modifications and staffing requirements
  • Alternative transportation costs.

Occupational, educational and other training needs

  • Access to meaningful daily occupational and or training activities
  • Materials and equipment
  • Meetings and related requirements


3: Shared Areas

This covers the costs to the service of the individual’s access to the shared areas in the company’s homes.  Each house has its own range of shared areas and service users vary in the extent to which they can share access to these areas; for example some service users are generally comfortable and enjoy being with a group of other residents and staff, occasionally wanting to have some space by themselves or one to one with staff.  Other service users find it hard to be with others and prefer to spend most of their time alone or with staff.  It is important that each person can have access to these areas at the level that is appropriate for them, without having to be in their own room.

4: Staffing

This is again an individually assessed cost reflecting the levels of staff supervision, support and assistance that the individual needs, over and above the base costs.
This may be the case of extra one to one hours required because a service User requests or requires reassurance of staff support where they may normally be assured without it. This may be required after an incident with other service users or just for service user requested time.

5: Support Staff

The final individually costed element reflecting the level of extra support the individual may require above the hours allocated in the base figure.

  • Educational Psychologist base line assessment carried out within 6 months of the placement taking place, and thereafter should the need be required.
  • Autism Specialist assessments where required.
  • Extra staff support when visiting hospitals, doctors, local nurse
  • Time required by Management, Keyworkers and staff in preparing intermediate reports and reviews regarding the visits.