To mark World Cancer Day earlier this month Goldcrest House took action to show support and contribute to reducing the global impact of cancer by taking part in a 5k Challenge.


Just take a look at these medals and certificates of achievement! 👇

16.02.21. World Cancer Day116.02.21. World Cancer Day 2










Taking on the challenge Kevin and Chris put on their running shoes and completed the 5k challenge in aid of CLIC Sargent the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity providing young cancer patients aged 0-25 and their families with the vital emotional, practical and financial support they urgently need.

“Well done guys we are so proud of you and your acheivement for World Cancer Day.”

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4thFebruary and is the uniting global initiative under which the world comes together to raise the profile of cancer in a positive and inspiring way.


We’re so loved up right now! Valentines means so much to us, it helps us focus on the people we love the most. In recognition of the day, and our love for our friends and family, we’ve created a few messages.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! 😍

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We’ve been anticipating the day we could all benenfit from receiving the covid vaccine. Which is why we’re so happy to let you know we have now all had the covid vaccine.

We are very thankful and know we are lucky enough to have this added protectionto keep us safe. 👏

Take a look at the bravery certificates we’ve received! How fab are these!

GCvaccine1 gcvaccine2 gcvaccine3 gcvaccine5 gcvaccine6

Goldcrest Highlights From 2020

Even though 2020 wasn’t a normal year for any of us. We defintely made the most of it here at Goldcrest House. We embraced many activities, and equally so our daily exercise, but most of all we enjoyed being there for one another everyday.

IMG-20200213-WA0041 20200402_184336









We had a lot fun and thought you’d like to re-cap and look at some of the photos we picked out to mark this.

131931094_3776112045742669_5802929671737700593_o 126406728_3701316363222238_8104010380842013645_o IMG_8462 IMG-20200914-WA0016 IMG-20200823-WA0008 IMG-20200624-WA0007