Goldcrest House Go Craft Mad

Creativity has taken over at Goldcrest House where a love of everything creative has developed during the weekly craft and art classes scheduled for service users.



Stretching creative abilities, service users have recently been encouraged to take part in themed craft activities.


From painting sea themes, to Easter themed models, using canvas, paints, wool, and other materials, textures and colour, 3D and 2D, it’s all about exploring that inner artist and pushing yourself just a little bit further.

And as you can see, we have some very creative individuals here.

Spring Has Sprung at Goldcrest House

Embracing Springtime and getting the garden prepared to look its best is a task we all embrace here at Goldcrest House, but there won’t be a prize for guessing who got stuck in to really work his magic in the garden.


Spring work wasn’t just confined to the outside, We’ve been working just as hard inside tackling all those cleaning jobs!

Great team effort – good job everyone.


Flower Arranging Captures Imagination

Creativity is blooming at Goldcrest House and just in time to mark the beginnings of Spring.


Service users took part in a flower arranging session and flexed their creative muscle to create stunning bouquets.

Every creation certainly had a professional edge and got us thinking – wonder if we should launch a Goldcrest House florist.

Goldcrest House Winter Walk

Goldcrest House winter walk

Winter walking for Goldcrest House with fun and games walking in and amongst the trees.

Following the nature trail and the delights on the way.

Following the nature trail and the delights on the way.