Independent living gets the thumbs up from Goldcrest House

After living at Goldcrest House for over five years Goldcrest House says good luck to Pete and Joe as they move on to a new independent chapter of their lives.


Good friends Pete and Joe left the residential care of Goldcrest House three years ago where they were supported with daily visits to live independently in their own home in the local community.

Now three years on the pair are no longer in need of professional support to live a full and enabled life. Both flourishing and living life on their own terms Goldcrest House recognised it was time to cut the apron strings knowing they were no longer needed.

34e042e2-8115-48dd-a1a2-ded5b585c507 copyTrish Patrickson, registered manager at Goldcrest House says: “I have great admiration for the support provided by Goldcrest House and in particular the helpful guidance of our support worker Dan.

“Now they lead and enjoy a rich and varied life. Pete now spends time with his family and Joe is hoping to get a place of his own. We’re sad we won’t be seeing them but incredibly proud of them both and wish them all the happiness and success for the future.”

Jessica Nolan, Senior Social Worker says: “It was wonderful to be able to see how far they have both come during their time supported by Goldcrest House. Peter and Joe were extremely complimentary of the support Goldcrest have provided, and particularly that from support worker Dan. It was clear to see the brilliant working relationship Dan has formed with Peter and Joe and the genuine care and support he has for them.”

March at Goldcrest House

March at Goldcrest House has so far been full of exciting group activities.


From our cosy evenings in with a takeaway to a Spring clean, and of course a fresh haircut. Bring on the Spring vibes!

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Perfect Day at Goldcrest House

Getting out and riding our bicycles makes for a perfect day at Goldcrest House.






So does getting outside and having fun in the playground.

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And playing games, Monopoly, pool, or creative with our fellow peers is always something that makes our days at Goldcrest House perfect.

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Goldcrest House Embraces 2022 and Looks Back at 2021 Fondly.

There were many great things about Christmas at Goldcrest House in 2021
Our amazing Chistmas lunch, playing traditional party games, our special festive baking, Christmas Karaoke and opening presents with friends.








But 2022 is our year and we’re back in the kitchen making our own scrumptous cakes. We have our New Year goals of keeping fit with a daily mile. And we’ve even started Spring cleaning, every last inch of this room has been cleaned and ready for winter to pass – hopefully quickly into spring!

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