Goldcrest House Winter Walk

Goldcrest House winter walk

Winter walking for Goldcrest House with fun and games walking in and amongst the trees.

Following the nature trail and the delights on the way.

Following the nature trail and the delights on the way.

Enthusiasm for Baking at Goldcrest House

We never get bored of baking at Goldcrest House, and no wonder when the results are as good as this.5f64750b-4036-4828-aa8a-1b5c52e396b0


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Preparations are well under way at Goldcrest House for our Christmas and our party.

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Great to see you haven’t ignored the washing up Mark!


Goldcrest House Visit Cadbury World

Visiting Cadbury World – or should we say chocolate heaven, was a sweet experience.


From learning about the manufacturing process, to the making of chocolate, we’ve experienced it all.


The best bit though – chocolate making, and the shop after. Needless to say we came home with loads of chocolate!


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